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Author Amanda


  • 7-10 large lemons organic if possible
  • 1 750 ml bottle vodka
  • 2 cups simple syrup


  1. Wash the lemons with hot water to remove any and pat dry.
  2. With a vegetable peeler, peel each lemon, trying not to dig too deep into the white pith.
  3. After you peel all the lemons, take a paring knife and scrape the white pith off of each peel. This also helps get the oils into your vodka in the marinating step.
  4. Pour vodka in a large, (64 ounces or more) clean glass jar.
  5. Add the lemon peels.
  6. Cover the jar and let sit at room temperature for at least ten days and up to a month.
  7. Shake every couple days.
  8. After at least ten days of infusing and the mixture has a yellow tint, make a simple syrup. Combine 1.5 cups of water with 1.5 cups of granulated sugar in a large saucepan and bring to a low boil. Boil on low for 10-15 minutes until thickened. Remove from heat and let the syrup cool.
  9. Filter limoncello mixture and discard peels. Add the simple syrup to the limoncello mixture, put the cap on, and shake. Bottle into clean, sterilized bottles of your choice.
  10. Keep your bottle/bottles of limoncello in the freezer until ready to serve. Serve ice cold from the freezer.