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Pimms Cup Cocktail

Makes 1 pitcher
Course Drinks
Cuisine British
Keyword Pimms cup
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 12
Author Amanda


  • Pimms No. 1 liqueur
  • vodka
  • 2-3 oranges sliced
  • 2-3 lemons sliced
  • 2-4 English cucumbers cut into sticks
  • Ginger beer Amy used Bundaberg
  • Ginger ale and/or lemonade Amy used Canada Dry's Ginger Ale and Lemonade
  • Ice


Six hours, to day prior to serving:

  1. Fill pitcher with Pimms and vodka (a ½ ounce vodka for every ounce of Pimms).
  2. Add sliced cucumber, sliced orange and sliced lemon to pitcher of Pimms and vodka mixture.
  3. Let infuse in refrigerator for at least six hours to overnight

Just before serving:

  1. Fill another pitcher with one bottle cold ginger beer.
  2. Add to ginger beer cold ginger ale and lemonade.
  3. Fill glass halfway with ice.
  4. Add an ounce to 1.5 ounce infused Pimms vodka mixture
  5. Fill rest of glass with ginger beer, ginger ale and lemonade mixture
  6. Garnish with quartered cucumber and slice of orange
  7. Add more Pimms, ginger beer to taste.