The time has come for the ultimate goodbye to Game of Thrones, and what’s better than mixing up a few cocktails in homage to your favorite characters? Read on for 12 Game of Thrones cocktails to honor the fallen and celebrate the victor (if there actually even will be one).

The Pointy End: An Arya Stark Cocktail

Photo Credit Lemon Baby

This cocktail celebrates Arya’s courage and grit, as well as her penchant for crossing those who have wronged her off her list. And can we blame her?

The Prince That Was Promised — Tipsy Giraffe

Photo Credit: A Tipsy Giraffe

This gorgeous cocktail “pairs Honey Bourbon with fiery Ginger Beer, topped with tart Red Currant Syrup and a smokey Mezcal Lime Garnish that you set alight to become Lightbringer.” — A Tipsy Giraffe

The Lioness: A Cersei Lannister Cocktail

Cocktail in coupe glass on satin background
Photo Credit: Lemon Baby

Love her or hate her, Cersei has been a fixture of Game of Thrones since the very beginning.

The Mother of Dragons – A Danaerys Cocktail

Photo Credit: Lemon Baby

Dragonfruit has been a popular ingredient for GoT cocktails for its obvious connotations. Celebrate the benevolent Danaerys we once knew with this one and the next.

Milk of the Dragon — Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: Lauren Zaser/Buzzfeed

Dragonfruit can be white or pink, so we’ve got your bases covered with one for each hue.


flaming cocktail

This is a rum-based dragonfruit concoction, topped with a floater of Cruzan 151 and ignited. Because it wouldn’t be a Danaerys cocktail if it didn’t burn a little bit, amiright? (#sorrynotsorry)

Bloody Bastard — Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: Lauren Zaser/Buzzfeed

It’s pretty doubtful that anyone would love Ramsay Bolton, but his demise was quite satisfying, much like this blood orange cocktail from Buzzfeed.

The Little Hero — A Jon Snow Cocktail

Photo Credit: Lemon Baby

Although it’s doubtful anyone is still shipping Danaerys and Jon, The Little Hero is a delicious bourbon-based tipple.

The Debtpayer — Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: Lauren Zaser/Buzzfeed

“A Lannister always pays his debts,” so where does that leave Tyrion for the finale?


Photo Credit: Lemon Baby

For the sweet drink enthusiast, Wildfire is an explosive concoction of Midori, gin and rose.

Lady Sansa Stark — A Heaping Spoonful

Photo Credit: A Heaping Spoonful

A lot of people are predicting Sansa will prevail and secure the Iron Throne. If you’re one of them, try this starfruit nod to the Lady of Winterfell.

The White Walker

Photo Credit: Lemon Baby

The White Walkers were formidable enemies. This White Russian with Johnnie Walker White Walker Scotch is a fitting drink to toast the end of an era.

Let’s face it: with a show as iconic as Game of Thrones, is there any ending that will be satisfying to all? Obviously not. Sunday, I’ll be raising a glass to all who have fallen and all who remain.

What are your predictions and hopes for the season finale? Let us know below.

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