Tacos with mural in background

When it comes to tacos, I have a more (toppings) is more philosophy. If you feel this way too, then P.S. Taco Company is for you. Who am I kidding? P.S. Taco Company is for everyone.

I was delighted when Tiffany (one of P.S. Taco’s owners, who I’ve been “Instagram friends” with for about a year) invited me to try this new taco hot spot. Tiffany and her husband Russell opened the restaurant with their friends Paul and Stephanie Smith (Perkins and Smith = P.S.) in October, in the Tanger Outlets in Foley. Tiffany and Russell also own a franchise of Rock and Roll Sushi, one of my faves, also in the outlets.

It’s about a forty-five minute to an hour drive from Mobile, but it was entirely worth it. One of the things I loved about P.S. Taco is the attention to detail. All of the ingredients are carefully curated, and most are prepared in-house (salsas, pickled onions, sauces, etc). Take the fish taco, for example. Instead of your typical fried fish taco with a slaw and a sauce, P.S. Taco breads the fish in toasted coconut panko and tops it with Asian sweet chili sauce and spicy mayo, plus pickled onions, pineapple mango salsa, and a jalapeno cilantro lime aioli. The result is an exciting and unique riot of flavor and texture.

I couldn’t pass on an offer of a margarita (they had me at housemade sour mix). If you ever want to make your own sour mix, which I highly recommend, try this recipe. I had their Desert Flower: a margarita with tequila, prickly pear syrup, housemade sour mix, triple sec, and a splash of OJ. Tiffany had the El Jefe, a classic marg.

The other two tacos I enjoyed were as spectacular as the fish taco. The Buffalo Chicken taco came in a fire-engine-red hard shell, which I thought was a brilliant touch. Shredded chicken is topped with lettuce, carrots, ranch crema, blue cheese dressing, and jack cheese. An avid buffalo-anything fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the hit of heat and the cooling sauce. The Backwoods Hawaiian was another inventive combination with pork belly, slaw, pineapple mango salsa, pineapple BBQ sauce, and jalapeño. The sweetness from the fruit and the salty richness of the pork belly were a winning combination.

And let’s not forget the tortillas. The tortillas, handmade by Gabrielle, are things of beauty. So many flour tortillas can be too thick, too—floury, for lack of a better word. These were light, crisp, and fresh. The thickness of corn with the toothsome bite of flour, Gabrielle’s tortillas have ruined me for any others.

Tiffany insisted I try the Taco Fries, and boy am I glad she did. Crispy fries are topped with creamy avocado, cilantro and chili aiolis, corn, pineapple, mango salsa, and tart pickled onions. Yep. Indulgent, delicious, and again, entirely unique.

P.S. Taco is a must-visit when shopping at the outlets, and pretty much when passing through Foley, in general. At no other taco shop can you find as many inventive, fresh ingredients and attention to detail. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and I’m already planning a return. I hear another Desert Flower calling my name.

Local artist Lisi Mohandessi‘s jaw-dropping mural enhances Day of the Dead vibe.