Crawfish Boil

On the Gulf Coast, we tend to avoid the post-Mardi Gras blues because right on its heels is crawfish season. (That is, if you didn’t give up crawfish for Lent. But that would be crazy, n’est-ce pas?) From January to May, bars all around the region entice imbibers with those two little magic words: “free crawfish.” Looking for crawfish in Mobile, Alabama? Read on to see how the Haberdasher, a little gem of a cocktail bar on Dauphin Street, does it in the Port City.

Haberdasher Sign

For this installment of the Crawfish in Mobile, Alabama series, we bring you the Haberdasher, “Purveyors of Fine Libations.” Don’t take my word for it, but they live up to that motto. The Jerk Store, my favorite cocktail on their menu, is a spicily refreshing riff on a gin fizz, flavored with ginger liqueur and habanero shrub, garnished with my favorite, a slice of cucumber. Although we were all about the crawfish on Sunday, their kitchen in the back turns out delicious, affordable, and unique bar food like arepas, burgers, and more.


My friend Catherine and I arrived just before the place opened, around 5PM last Sunday, for their first crawfish boil of the season. Around 5:30, as we were finishing our first cocktails, people started lining up outside underneath their tents. We quickly ordered a beer and were able to join the queue about twenty people deep. The first batch came and went, but we knew the wait would be worth it. Plus, it’s free crawfish. We were just happy to be out on such a gorgeous, early spring evening.

Free Crawfish

We were up about halfway through the second batch of four total. We filled our paper trays with nature’s bounty and settled down at one of the outdoor patio tables to enjoy. The crawfish were spicy, tender, and easy to peel. All the accoutrements were in attendance: Brussels sprouts, corn, sausage, mushrooms (my favorite), garlic, potatoes, plus one surprise: pineapple! As nature intended, every ingredient had soaked up the spice. Our mouths were on fire–a delightful burn–which we extinguished with gulps of ice-cold beer. It was glorious.

Crawfish Boil

There really isn’t a better way to spend a Sunday on the Gulf Coast. If you go, which you should, get there early and keep an eye on the line outside. It’s easy to get distracted by the delicious cocktails and comfy couches, but it’s all about the crawdads.

Crawfish Boil

The Haberdasher
113 Dauphin St
Mobile, Alabama, 36602
(251) 436-0989

The Haberdasher advertises free crawfish every Sunday at 5PM. Check out their social media for contests for front-of-the-line passes before you go.



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