Sweet Treats

Varying shades of bears
Varying shades of bears

I have had a long-standing affair with gummy candy for as long as I can remember. After a disastrous attempt at Champagne jello shots (recipe didn’t call for any sugar and tasted like nothing other than gelatinous Champagne, which was surprisingly awful), I put my booze-infused gelatin dreams aside–until I saw that Sugarfina came out with rosé gummy bears, which promptly not only sold out but actually inspired a 12,000 person waiting list. Not exactly a patient sort, I knew I could at least try to make my own. So I ordered these molds and searched for recipes. Mine is adapted from Sprinkle Bakes. I didn’t have sparkling wine flavoring, so I substituted lemon juice plus lemon extract (Lemon Baby used lemon, go figure).  I used pink gel food coloring from my macaron baking days, and I fear that wasn’t best coloring agent. When I make these again, I’ll probably use liquid. Continue Reading

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On the Gulf Coast, we get a beautiful (albeit short) spring before cool mornings and dazzling sunshine yield to the searing, unrelenting heat of summer. If you’ve never experienced July in Mobile (or New Orleans, or Tallahassee, or some other as-south-as-you-can-go-before-you-hit-water city), imagine going into the sauna at the spa and not being able to leave, even when your eyelashes start to sweat. A few things help us survive the onslaught of buggy, muggy 95-degree evenings: our gorgeous beaches, front porches (friends mandatory), air conditioning, and delightfully fresh and crisp wine like rosé and vinho verde.

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