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Grapefruit Pie
We are nearing winter’s finish line, so it’s time to use up all of the bountiful citrus you’ve collected this season. Although lemons are undoubtedly my favorite, grapefruit is not far behind, and this Grapefruit Icebox Pie is supreme. It’s no surprise grapefruit’s botanical name means “fruit of paradise.” With sweet-tart, tangy flesh and color ranging from pale pink to coral, grapefruit is a welcome star in salads, pies, curds, or simply sprinkled with sugar and broiled. Continue Reading

Christmas, Cocktails, Entertaining, Holidays

On the fifth day of Christmas, there was Champagne. There’s nothing like bubbly to toast the holiday season (and keep on toasting ’til the New Year). Last night was our annual gift exchange, hosted by Allison, party thrower extraordinaire. In characteristic fashion, the bubbly was flowing. Champagne is nice, but champagne cocktails are the bomb. For our holiday shindig, Elizabeth brought a grapefruit syrup she made with fruit from her own tree. Paired with bubbly, it was light, refreshing, and the perfect libation to  sip while enjoying friends and laughter.

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