Solid Perfume with Essential OilsScent is inextricably linked to the acts of cooking and eating. My nose tells me when the onions are getting ready to caramelize, and it warns me that if I don’t take the skillet off the heat right this second, the pecans will be beyond toasted. As a child I would rub vanilla extract behind my ears as “perfume.”  In my later teenage years, I discovered Demeter fragrances. These perfumes embodied the scents of foods (Lemon Meringue Pie, etc). Recently, I decided to experiment with DIY solid perfume and capture some of my favorite food scents into wearable, easy DIY solid perfumes.

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Christmas, Cocktails, Holidays

Homemade Sour Mix

On the second day of Christmas, there were cocktails. Because of crowds at the mall, the fact that your kid told you he wanted the impossible-to-find Nintendo NES from Santa (I said “Santa doesn’t bring presents for grown-ups, and we both know that’s really for your daddy”,) and perhaps you (with the help of your husband and two friends) just harvested over 200 lemons from your backyard tree.

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